Inspiration and recipes for PYTT Simmerbag

Here you will find recipes of delicious courses to make with a PYTT Simmerbag.

Simmerbag is the modern edition of the old haybox, which can be used to make porridge, yoghurt, stew or to keep the soup hot for your guests.

We are going to update this site with both recipes from chefs and food writers, but also we would like to share recipes from our consumers, who whish to share and experiment with new ways to cook and also saving energy.

The Simmerbag can also keep the salad cold, if you are going on a picnic in the forrest or to the beach.

The Simmerbag costs 699,- dkr. and comes in 5 colours.

Beef roast in Simmerbag

Rice pudding in Simmerbag

Coq au Riesling in Simmerbag

Yoghurt in Simmerbag

Power porridge